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"Cool Runnings"
Our intrepid teen scientists visit a potential new underground headquarters still under construction when disaster strikes and the team must act fast to save the base and everyone in it.

"FLASHBACK: Isaac's Story"
A look back into Isaac's past that shows us the kind of person he truly is.

"Great Balls of Fire"
The team takes a much needed nature break but nearly causes an environmental catastrophe if not for some quick thinking and musical talent.

Cody decides to relive life a little differently.

"First Contact"
The whiz kids are called on to verify and establish a possible extra-terrestrial encounter but get more than they bargained for.

"Hit the Road, Jack!"
Bad wheather threatens the safety of the team during a trip to research, well...bad weather.

"Quentin's Story"
Quentin talks to a friend regarding his fears about going after his dreams.

"Finding Nemo"
The U.S. Space Force once again enlists the aid of the Whiz Kids in recovering some top secret hardware.

"A Day at the Zoo"
With the help of Rosie, Wade tries to communicate with his fellow non-humans through the use body chemistry.

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